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What do your results mean?

  • Toxic Cesspool: If your health is affected – whether it’s your physical health because you’re not sleeping or eating well or your mental health because your stress is through the roof – if you’re receiving this score, listen to your alarm bells. Let’s make a plan to bridge you to something that doesn’t chew you up and spit you out. We’ll look at the long-term possibilities after you’re settled into something stable and benign. For now, it’s best to prioritize your health.
  • Values Mismatch: If you feel like a fish out of water, like the people around you are speaking a different language, like not one GETS you at your work, there are several possibilities:
    • There’s a fundamental incongruence between the work you’re doing and your fundamental nature.
    • You haven’t yet learned how to communicate who you are to people in leadership roles where you’re working.
    • You’re not yet sure yourself what doesn’t feel right – you just know it’s not a good fit for you.
    • All or none of the above – you just need to talk it out.
  • Introversion Overload: If you’re an introvert trying to fit into an extroverted space, it’s just like the proverbial square peg in a round hole – some parts of you get scraped off (or at least dinged up!). Your quiet nature has some operating instructions that are being stomped on. Together, we can look at an approach to steer you to a spot that suits you better and/or equips you with skills (like boundary setting) to self-advocate.
  • Indecision Paralysis: The way forward is murky because the reasons for you being here are out of focus, too. Are you trapped in stainless steel handcuffs (forget golden handcuffs, people, let’s be real) with a sense that you can’t rebuild from here without hitting the reset button (and who can afford THAT?!)? Do you have the sense that you were absent on the day they handed out passion in school, and you’ve never had that steering mechanism – you somehow just ended up here because you were trying to follow directions and your current destination isn’t looking as sexy as the promo promised (pick a practical major in college and prove your worth to your boss, then everything will have the fairy tale ending). It’s clear that what you’re doing right now isn’t working, but before you pull the ripcord and end up equally ho-hum (or perhaps worse than where you are now), let’s get the bottom of what DOES light you up – and how you can make a viable living at it.

Set up a free discovery call with me, and we’ll talk through your results. Whatever you’re struggling with – it has a closer solution when you’ve got allies helping you make sense of it..