In her book Year of Yes, Shonda Rhimes says

See, I am an introvert. Deep. To the bone. My marrow is introvert marrow.
My snot is introvert snot.

Portrait of Maggie Graham, career coachThat’s me, too. My fingernails are introvert nails. My [I’ll spare you the gory list of what’s inside my body – insert another part of my body here] is introverted. All of me.

When I take the MBTI – the official version where the results page has bar that indicates how strongly a person favors a particular dimension of the assessment – my introvert bar extends almost as far as possible. It’s one of the few places in my life where I’m an extremist.

So, you won’t have to train me about your style. From our initial discovery session, I tell my clients, “If you think of more insights or questions after we hang up, email me. Let yourself have some processing time to deliberate and explore your inner landscape before you decide whether we work together.”

If you’ve been accused of being indecisive, come on over here. We’ll talk about what’s at the root of that uncertainty, and you won’t have to defend yourself.

My own career has had some spikes and valleys. For a long time, I was a chameleon, trying to adapt to whatever others wanted from me. I was pretty good at it, too.

  • I’ve worked in a wholesale plant nursery, and I can’t even keep the aloe plant on┬ámy kitchen windowsill alive.
  • I was a therapeutic counselor at a weight loss camp. If you met me in person, you’d see why the idea of a teenager looking to me for weight loss inspiration would be politely described as incongruous.
  • I worked at an engineering research center almost straight out of my undergrad years as an English major. My job was to publicize technical research findings. I kept saying to the researchers, “So, if you had to explain to someone who knew absolutely NOTHING about your work, how would you begin?” Cue eye rolling (both mine and theirs).

There’s more:

  • I’ve been a waitress at my family’s restaurant, which the Washington Post once reviewed and said it served “good, old-fashioned American grub” (an apt description).
  • Between my husband and me, we have 3 failed businesses, which should make me hang my head in shame, but it only makes me proud that we both took flying leaps at bringing our dreams to reality – it also equips me with a healthy dose of realism about entrepreneurship.
  • I’ve worked at 5 institutions of higher education, which is rather like an alcoholic working in a bar – it only fueled my Credentialing Gremlin (that critical inner voice that insists you need just one more piece of paper to validate your existence).

Not only am I a fellow introvert, I’m also an extraordinary coach who has committed years to developing my skills. I have an attuned ear, and I can hear both your yearning and your self-sabotage, and I can help you find your way through the white noise in your brain to the essence of what you really want. One of my favorite proverbs is, “Your mind is like a dangerous neighborhood – don’t go in there alone!” Let me accompany you into that space between your ears. I can help you find your way.

I want to hear your stories about where you’ve been. I want to hear about the bigger context of your life, whether you’re lonely or lost or mad at yourself that you just can’t get your train on the track.

Schedule a free consultation with me. I’d like to hear about what’s brought you here, and what’s going on with your career. It’s okay to say “Nothing! Nothing is going on with my career, and that’s the problem!” Let’s look at why you’re stuck and map your way to a more fulfilling fit for you.