Quiet Careers

Uncover, cultivate, and share your quiet strengths

Confused about where to go with your career?

What does it take to create introvert career success?

Work with me to identify and create the optimal career path for you. Once you know where you’re going, join a group or work with me individually to land the job you seek.

I help quieter folks craft deeply rewarding careers that celebrate, rather than battle with, their social styles and unique abilities. I also create supportive and effective groups for introverts in a job search.


Is it the ultimate irony to have groups for introverts? Maybe. My groups are small and offer ample time for silence and processing. We all need community. Come and join your tribe for career exploration and job search.

One-on-one Career Coaching

Looking to find your path? Navigate your way to a job? Work on your interviewing skills? We dive deep on all dimensions of career and job search.

Resume and LI Workshops

Set aside an entire day to tackle your resume or LinkedIn profile. You’ll learn the building blocks and you’ll have production time, too. We’ll come together and view the results. These “get-it-done” workshops are aptly named.