Quiet Careers

Uncover, cultivate, and share your quiet strengths

Tired of fitting your introverted self into an extroverted world?

Work with me to identify and create the optimal career path for you.

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I help quieter folks craft deeply rewarding careers that celebrate, rather than battle with, their social styles and unique abilities.


Most people contact me because they want help with their resume, LinkedIn profile, or some other tactical step. But the first step is about defining who you are at your best (not who everyone has told you to be). Let’s start with this conversation.

Where's the money?

Knowing your own temperament and strengths is only half of the equation. How are you going to earn a living? Where is there viable application for your unique brand?

Create with Intention

Here’s where strategy enters the picture. What if you could move into a career that allowed you to stand strongly in who you are, earn what you need in order to be comfortable in the world, and do work that truly matters – all in a way that allows you to flourish?

Act from Your Quiet Strengths

Act from Your Quiet Strengths

Introverts have many advantages in the career exploration and job search processes. Find out what they are and how to access them with this free mini ebook, Quiet Career Strengths.

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