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Career Coaching Client

You were incredibly insightful - you very quickly pieced together some trends in my life that I had previously not seen. I needed to hear what you said, gain the perspective, to feel brave enough to move on in my life.

Chris Gallagher

Career Coaching Client

Through my work with Maggie Graham, I was able to make powerful discoveries about myself and then apply them to the process of finding a new career. Maggie has a wonderful ability to guide you toward self discovery and instill a sense of purpose and inspiration as you pursue a career change. Thanks to my time with Maggie, I was able to immediately recognize a great opportunity and understand exactly why it would be a great fit for me.


Career Coaching Client

Maggie was agile in all aspects of what a mid-career changer might need to address, from more concrete steps of how to learn about new careers to less tangibles such as challenging stuck beliefs and rebuilding new ones. She draws from a deep-toolbox of many helpful exercises, readings, and masters of this work, and her own brilliant interpersonal wisdom and abilities to understand others and help them draw out new strengths and their own self-knowledge.

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Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? ~Mary Oliver
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